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“The strategic positioning ‘Strong Together’ was visually articulated in the overlapping of the individual letters of the brandmark. A broad spectrum of colours was used to represent core internal pillars of love, hope, strength, wisdom and belonging creating a positive brand expression for both internal and external audiences. Developing the system further, supergraphics were created using enlarged, cropped sections of the brand device. This strong visual language and colour system has been applied to all facets of the business from online, office interiors, merchandise and wayfinding signage.”

Senior designer based in Sydney, Australia. Focused on graphic design, branding and print design.

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The Tóló house, designed by Alvaro Leite Siza, is build on a sharply inclined hill in Penafiel, Portugal.The house fragmentation, necessary due to the steep topography, transforms the whole into a composition of small linked and interconnected volumes, creating an unevenness that allows for a more secure and rational use of the lot.The form resulting from a rigorous, modular geometric abstraction establishes the necessary rotation of certain modules to adapt to the natural morphology of the terrain, trying to preserve all the pre-existing trees.The project include three bedrooms, a social bathroom, a living room, a dinning room, a small kitchen with a support washbasin, pantry, and even a small outdoor swimming pool.

The outdoor patios, corresponding to the roofs of various levels, are connected through a pedestrian path that border the lot.The interior floors, doors, and baseboards are in wood, except in the water areas. The exterior doors and windows are in metal, which are double-pained for improved thermal and acoustic insulation.

Expectacular la forma en que se adapta al terreno

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Atipus   |

Identity for social music therapist and educator Celia Castillo. The identity is based on rhythmic exercises at its Celia develops, the basic aim is to provoke different moods in their patients.

Atipus is a design studio established in Barcelona since 1998 which provides graphic design and web services for companies, associations and public institutions.

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